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Age 5 years & up

The school teaches Classical Ballet, concentrating on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. This is the leading internationally recognised syllabus providing structured development for age 3 through to adult. 

At 5, children commence the RAD syllabus with the recently released Pre Primary syllabus. From thereon, the school offers classes at all grades up to grade 8. With the grades syllabus, examinations are held annually with external RAD examiners attending the school.

Students can also progress to the vocational grades and the school provides classes for all levels up to Advanced 2. Solo Seal can be provided depending upon demand. Examinations for vocational grades are taken externally at the RAD studio.


Preschool age

Preschool Ballet is a magical introduction to classical ballet, using imaginative exercises to develop key ballet skills. 

Preschool Bounce is a combination class for toddlers exploring the fundamentals of jazz, tap and acrobatics. 

The benefits of preschool dance are an improvement of co-ordination, flexibility and balance. It will improve self-esteem, confidence and it is a perfect opportunity to grow your little one's social skills. 

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Year 6 to 12

Northbridge Dance Studios is proud to offer 2 exclusive ballet programs - the Classical Extension Program & the Intermediate Acceleration Program 

The Classical Extension Program is designed for students Year 9-12 to prepare them for full-time classical training. It includes classical ballet coaching, pointe work, body conditioning and strength and more. For more info, please download our flyer

The Intermediate Acceleration Programs is for students Year 6-8 and is designed for young dancers to extend their classical ballet training. The program includes classical ballet coaching, beginner pointe training plus body conditioning and strength. For more info, please download our flyer


Age 5 years & up

These are high energy classes where a variety of styles are taught and lots of fun is had. The music used is a variety of the latest music hits, Broadway classics, pop and RnB songs. Students learn a variety of jazz steps and vocabulary with a strong focus on technique, core strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

Adult jazz classes are also very popular and gives exercise a certain style and fulfilment that going to the gym doesn’t have. Tighten up the abs, loosen up the hamstrings and let out the show girl.


Age 5 years & up

This is street style dance originating from New York City back in the 1970’s. It is taught to the latest Hip Hop & RnB music and after some stretching and strengthening a variety of street and urban dance combinations are learnt.


Age 5 to 6 year

Movers & Groovers is fun combo class where children get to experience jazz, tap and hip hop. The basic foundations for jazz and tap will be learnt, as well as the fun hip hop moves, all put to current pop music.


Age 7 years & up

Modern is a blend of ballet and modern dance with a strong core base. It brings out a quality of self expression within the students and allows students not studying ballet to achieve the same graceful awareness.  


Students have the opportunity to learn both lyrical and contemporary styles within their modern class. It is a great class for students wanting more freedom than ballet giving them the confidence of self expression. 


Age 5 years & up

Classes are run in three levels and students are put in levels based on their ability rather than age. Classes are taught to a variety of music which brings out the musicality and interest in the students. Within the classes are a mix of old and modern tap styles as seen in the old musical shows and the latest tap dogs. 


Age 5 years & up

In Acro classes students will learn how to do popular tumbling moves such as cartwheels, walkovers and aerials. They will also build up their strength, flexibility and body awareness.


The main focus of these classes is to broaden the skillset of our dancers in a safe and controlled environment.


Age 8 to 14

Our Musical Theatre classes focus on the latest musical and hit Broadway productions with dancing, singing and acting at its core. This is the perfect class for children wanting to develop their vocal and dance skills and work on their stage confidence. 


The Class includes a vocal and dance warm up, theatre teams and a choreographed song and dance routine.

Modern Dance
Hip Hop
Acro / Tumbling
Exclusive Ballet Programs
Movers & Groovers
Musical Theatre
Preschool Ballet & Bounce
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