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At Northbridge Dance Studios students of all ages and abilities can learn to dance in a dynamic and caring environment.


Classes are structured around internationally recognised syllabi ensuring students develop strong core techniques whilst still having fun.


Exams, Eisteddfod's and the Annual Concert provide the opportunity for students to experience the exhilaration of performing live and to aspire to a career in dance.


All classes are taught by fully qualified teachers in their respective disciplines who have performed professionally.


At Northbridge Dance Studios, we offer a variety of classes, from classic ballet for children from 2 years and up to contemporary dance such as Jazz, Tap or Boy Street Funk. We are also very proud to be offering Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet classes to preschoolers from 2 to 5 years old. For more information about our classes and our more than capable teachers, please click on the links below.  


Our daughter has been part of the NDS family for the last five years. She participates in quite a rigorous after school dance schedule as well as attending a performing arts high school.


We have watched as she has grown as a dancer and an individual and seen how the focus, dedication and commitment she has put in are skills that will benefit her immensely for the rest of her life in whatever path she takes.


The achievements she has made are in no small part thanks to the thorough professionalism, skill and dedication of Miss Emma and her team of amazing dance teachers utilising their understanding of what each of their students is looking to get out of dance.


Success comes with hard work (with a lot of fun and nurturing on the way) and no one works harder than

Miss Emma and her team and it is great to see that philosophy being adopted by all the students at NDS.

—  Carl Dumbrell (2018)

Northbridge Dance Studios - Eisteddfod 2


Our studios are located at three different addresses in Northbridge. 


     The Uniting Church Hall,

     Gunyah St.

     Northbridge, NSW 2063


     8/165 Sailors Bay Road

     Northbridge, NSW 2063


     10/165 Sailors Bay Road

     Northbridge, NSW 2063

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Northbridge Dance Studios

8/165 Sailors Bay Rd,

Northbridge NSW 2063,


0401 912 420

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